Visit the High Dam at Aswan on a Nile Cruise

The High Dam at Aswan was built between 1960 and 1970, and had reached full capacity by 1976. The dam is 3,830 metres long, 980 metres wide at the base and 40 metres wide at the top, and 111 metres tall. The reservoir created by the dam is called Lake Nasser, and is 550 kilometres (340 miles) long, and 35 kilometres (22 miles wide). It is possible to take a Lake Nasser cruise, usually for 3 or 4 nights, and it is a great way to visit Abu Simbel.

When you are in Aswan on a Nile cruise you will visit the Temples of Philae, and you will also go to the High Dam, where your coach will park on the top, giving you time to get out and take a look around. The pictures below were taken by me (on my BlackBerry) from the top of the High Dam, when I visited Aswan on a Nile cruise in January 2011. If you would like any details about Nile cruise excursions, or would like to book your own Nile cruise, call EgyptIan at Nile Cruises with GoCruise on 01455821770 or 08002922850.






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