Nile Cruise Optional Excursions

As well as the 10 excursions included in the price of most Nile cruises, there are also some optional excursions you can take, to enhance your overall holiday experience. Click here to see photos of some of these great places.

Abu Simbel

A bus or plane from Aswan is needed to visit the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, which was relocated in the 1960’s to stop it being lost in the dam waters. There are two monuments here, the Temple of Hathor on one side of the plain, and the Great Temple on the other. Ramses II built the smaller Temple of Hathor in honour of his favourite wife, Nefertari. The hypostyle hall has standing statues of Ramses and Nefertari with the head of the goddess Hathor, decorated with scenes of the pharaoh cutting down his enemies

The other way you can visit Abu Simbel is on a Lake Nasser cruise, as the temple is situated on the bank of the lake. If you would like details about a Lake Nasser cruise use the contact form on this site.

Sound and Light Show

These are held in several temples, including Karnak and Philae, as well as at the Pyramids if you are visiting Cairo.

Included Excursions

If you would like to see details of the excursions included in the price of your Nile cruise  follow this link Nile Cruise Included Excursions