Question – Do I need a visa to visit Egypt?
– Yes and British Passport holders can either buy an e-visa in advance, or buy them on arrival at the airport in Egypt. They cost US$25, for a single entry, or US$60 for a multiple entry. If you purchase it in advance you must take a printed copy with you. If you purchase them on arrival you need to pay with non-Egyptian bank notes (a few currencies, including Scottish and Irish notes, are not accepted). Any change would be given to you in Egyptian currency. The multiple entry visa is purchased by credit or debit card. Please note that you should have 8 months validity left on your passport.

Question: Do you sell travel insurance?
Answer: To ensure that you get a policy which covers all your requirements, we have selected Holiday Extras as our preferred travel insurance provider. For a bespoke policy, which can cover pre-existing conditions, and travel up to the age of 85, call 0800 093 1900 and please quote reference AH383 (Ian from GoCruise) or go online

Question – What is the currency in Egypt?
Answer – The Egyptian pound. Money changing facilities are limited on the boats, although large towns will have a bank. It is best therefore to obtain your currency before leaving the UK

Question: How do I find car parking and hotels near the airport?
Answer: Holiday Extras have contracts with hotels and car parks at just about every airport in the UK. They also offer other services such as lounge passes and currency cards. Call 01303 816418 and please quote reference AH383 (Ian from GoCruise) or go online.

Question – What is the dress code on a Nile cruise?
Answer – Casual lightweight clothing during the day, and informal at night

Question – Are excursions included in the price of a Nile cruise?
Answer – In nearly all instances you will receive 10 excursions in the price, to places which included. There are also some optional excursions to Abu Simbel and the Sound and Light shows

Question – Do I need any vaccinations to visit Egypt?
Answer – At the time of preparing this document no vaccinations were required, but it is always advisable to ask your doctor if anything is recommended for you. Further advice can be obtained from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 08458502829 or visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website

Question – Is a Nile cruise suitable for children?
Answer – Most of the Nile cruise operators won’t take children under 8. Older children can gain a great deal of knowledge on a Nile cruise, especially useful if studying ancient Egypt at school

Question – Will I suffer with stomach problems in Egypt?
Answer – As with many hot countries, some people do experience an upset stomach for a short period. This is generally caused by a combination of extreme temperatures, changes in diet, erratic schedules and, of all things, handling the Egyptian banknotes which can be quite grubby, especially the small denomination notes. It is advisable to take some small bottles of hand sanitising gel with you, and use it often

Question – Is tipping expected in Egypt?
Answer – It isn’t compulsory, but is an accepted way of life in Egypt. Full guidance will be given to you on the boats, but it is advisable to carry some small denomination notes with you for tipping when out and about on excursions

Question – How hot is it in Egypt?

Answer – I have listed below average temperatures in degrees centigrade


(page updated November 2014)