ACE 2012 Cruise Excellence Awards

I was very pleased and extremely surprised recently to be told that I have been shortlisted in the ’2012 ACE Cruise Excellence Awards’, for their ‘Homeworker of the Year‘ award. They will announce the winner in Birmingham on 20th September at the Columbus Day event, which is the second part of the 2012 Cruise Convention.

ACE (Association of Cruise Experts) was originally named PSARA, and was formed in 1986, with the sole aim of providing travel agents with the ultimate level of cruise training and support. They do this in a number of ways, including ship visits, online training, cruise conventions and Expo events. I have attended the last 4 National Cruise Conventions, as well as being at the first River Cruise Expo, held in Amsterdam in November 2012. I also make a point of doing as many online training modules and ship visits as I can, because I find them to be invaluable and, as a result of all of this, I have achieved ACE Master status.

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